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The challenge from Limitless Flight was clear: simulate the extreme sport of BASE jumping without the risks, providing a safe and thrilling experience for enthusiasts and novices alike. TAIT partnered with Limitless Flight to develop JUMP, the world’s first hyperreal wingsuit simulator, combining advanced virtual reality with dynamic physical simulation.

Working closely with the creative team at Limitless Flight, we developed a rig and custom wing suit and VR helmet that simulate flight after they physically jump in real life. The Unreal gaming engine and motion control system allow jumpers to steer through the mountain tops and tree lines on Notch Peak, Utah – the US's second tallest pure vertical drop. The JUMP project involved intricate software and mechanical integrations, including two custom winches and four lifting axes per trolley, essential for the precise movements required in the simulation.
Man smiling and getting prepped in wing suit for virtual simulator
TAIT team manufacturing JUMP machinery
TAIT team members wearing wing suit and smiling for the camera
Our collaboration extended to fine-tuning the sensory experience using the TAIT Navigator Automation Platform, which manages the seamless transition of control between the physical rig and the game server. This integration ensures that the initial jump, mid-air maneuvers, and final landing are thrilling and incredibly safe. The system incorporates body trackers on riders to capture real-time motion, providing accurate live position control in the JUMP VR simulation.
Woman wearing wing suit in virtual simulator

JUMP by Limitless Flight has redefined what’s possible in VR entertainment, offering an innovative and inclusive way to experience the adrenaline of extreme sports. By pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences, we continue to explore the intersection of technology and human experience, crafting unforgettable moments that astound globally.

CEO & Founder
James Jensen
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Matthew Hall
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