landscape image of soundstorm festival at night with a variety of colorful lights



2021 - 2023
Master Planning
Opportunity Assessment
Show Control
Vendor Management

Can we build a functioning city in the desert, with full amenities and water solutions, that can host a festival that attracts hundreds of thousands worldwide? Can it win scores of awards and accolades along the way? Can we do it year after year? The answer is of course we can. Here’s how MDLBEAST and TAIT worked together to create Soundstorm, turning it into a global sensation.

close up from audience view of stage surrounded in LED screens
signage and event structures created from shipping containers
view of large stage with blue lights from the audience at night
far out image of structures at soundstorm festival at night
MDLBEAST’s Soundstorm is a festival city where guests can wander and experience the best of Saudi arts and culture. Soundstorm boasts 8 stages each with a unique design. These give musical guests like Metallica, Bruno Mars, and Travis Scott a limitless canvas for their peak creative expression. The crown jewel of the Soundstorm music festival stages is Big Beast, which features towering LED displays and mind-blowing pyrotechnics.
Attendees of the MDLBEAST Soundstorm music festival could revel all night in underground clubs, stroll through a fire garden, and relax in the palm-dotted greenspace of MDLTOWN. Over 2,000 aerial drones equipped with fireworks went off in a highly orchestrated display to awe-inspiring effect.
panoramic view of large stage with orange lights taken from audience perspective
stage at night with blue lighting
view from audience of LED screens surrounding stage and performers
close up of aerial performer floating under a large lit up balloon
sculpture of large metal pipes stacked in the form of a tornado
psychedelic lighting on ceiling of dance room

To increase the sustainability of Soundstorm, we created permanent infrastructure to allow for evergreen use. This ups our partners’ ROI and means any future and ongoing onsite builds is additive to the festival. Every year these events spark new friendships, change global perception, and draw the eyes of the press around the world.

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